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“Plants vs. Zombies” by Pop Cap Games is a very entertaining game available in the app store for $4.99.
      Plants vs. Zombies is almost your typical tower defense game where you set your defense on the path of your enemy, however, the different types of zombies and different types of plants really make up for the usual tower defense along with a few more twists.
      Basically, you are a person who is protecting yourself from zombies trying to eat your brains. To protect yourself, you must plant flowers, mushrooms and various other plants. Yes, the story isn’t the greatest; however, the gameplay makes up for it. 
      The gameplay is the same as TapDefense and games like that sort, only you have to protect 5 paths. Doing so isn’t very difficult if you pick the right plants and you have the right stategy. You are armed with 49 plants, some of which you will have to buy. The game offers lots of variety as each time you will encounter zombies that come from different paths. 
      The zombies come in waves. Once you finish one wave, you have to fight the next, until the final wave. After most levels, you get a new plant to try out, mostly because there will be a zombie that has a weakness of that new plant. Before starting a level, you get to choose what plants you want. Some plants are upgradeable and you can get more slots for the amount of plants you can have per level. 
      The game is fairly short, lasting only about 50 levels, which for me would be about 5-10 hours, but then you have minigames, and achievements that can be quite difficult to get, such as going through a whole level without using your main defense plant. 
      The graphics are not outstanding. It is simply a standard iPod game with nothing fancy. 
      The controls are flawless. There isn’t a single flaw I could find. You could either drag your plants or tap on your plant and then where you want to plant it. 
      Plants vs. Zombies is very fun, but putting it down and doing something else if fairly easy to do. It is not the newest installment of Halo, but can definitely waste your time quickly. 
      For a PC to iPod crossover, Plants vs. Zombies is a fantastic game. If you like the PC version or just want a fun game to play, this is it. For only $4.99, it is definitely worth getting. 
Graphics: 3/5
Entertainment: 4/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Addictingness: 3/5
User Interface: 5/5
Total: 20/25 or 4/5 (80%)
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