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Thank you G5E for the promo code to this app!
     Jane’s Hotel is a time management created by G5 Entertainment to please your soul and it did just that for only $2.99 (at the moment). Once I opened the app, the home button wasn’t pressed until 3:00 in the morning, and I started at 7:00 the morning before that. You may be thinking “Get a life nerd!” but you should reconsider once you’ve actually played the game. I bet you would be playing that game with a cup of coffee in the middle of night.
     This game is like most time management games, where you have to keep a sharp eye for many things. Especially once you start to progress further into the game, you would have to keep an eye out for tables, flowers, TVs, etc. It is, however, manageable so we can still finish the game even if you have slow reflexes. As you advance into the game, your hotel gets bigger and gets more stars. You know what that means, *Drum Roll Please*, more challenging levels!
The game is quite smooth, great user interface, good graphics, and many other greats. The only thing I could say was a flaw was that at level 1-7, I couldn’t get the keys to give to the guy for a certain period of the time. It was really frustrating…until I passed. Other than that, there are still 39 levels of awesomeness. The only other thing I can say is that their taste in animated girls is great. But… as for creativity, it’s been done before.
Graphics: 4/5
UI: 4.5/5
Entertainment: 4.5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Creativity: 2.5/5
Overall: 21/25 or 84%
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  • A management game? Sounds interesting, but yes, it has been done before. Jane's hotel reminds me a bit too much of Sally's Spa. Sally's Spa is an awesome game, and I bet this game would be too. Not much to say, but I bet the game does get really challenging one you start to get over 9000 customers a day.

  • Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!