[Featured App Review] Automobiles Pro 05/08/10

May 8, 2010 by

Thank you Lionsoft Studios for the promo code to this app!
This app goes great with the song Not Afraid by Eminem – Available in the iTunes Store Now!
     Automobiles Pro by Lionsoft Studios is a 3D cart driving game available for $1.99.
I first found about this app from Tap Tap Revenge 3 when it was an offer. Now I don’t usually spend much time playing games on my iPod (I know, this is an iPhone app review site, but we don’t have iPhones – FAIL) but I played the app supported version of this app so much… I even played it when I was in the hospital when they thought I had appendicitis so they stuck a needle in my arm (right on the other side of my elbow so I couldn’t move my arm or else I’d be screwed) for 2 hours before they realized nothing was wrong (loong story). Long story short, I had a needle in my right arm and I was still playing it. Eventually, I deleted it because I got bored with it. 
     Then, I emailed Lionsoft Studios and they gave me a promo code for Automobiles Pro. Woot! I love this game. I mean, it isn’t the best game in the world such as those from Digital Chocolate, Gameloft and GLU! (Glu for the win ☺ <=== really messed up smiley face Alt+1) But, what makes this game great is its simplicity and addictingness. I played while eating dinner. I played while taking a dump. (Simon: “Hope not!”)
     The game is quite difficult though, I fall over the edge on a regular basis. You can set your watch by my failure (cuz that’s how cool I am). But I did manage to complete it on a completely different basis. You can’t set your watch by my success though (I’m still cool, right?) Honestly though, this idea is in no way original. But I think that Lionsoft pulled it off the best. But, personally, (sorry), I do not think this app is worth $1.99.
    Now, let’s get funky! The graphics were somewhat good for a 3D game. The user interface was a little confusing and a little hard to use. The gameplay was VERY ADDICTING. Good =). Like I said earlier, not very original.
Graphics: 3.5/5
UI: 3.5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Creativity: 1/5
Our rating: 5/5 (Not worth $1.99)

Total: 18/25 or 72%.

Damn, how’d it total so low? I liked it =).
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