[Featured App Review] eBuddy/eBuddy Pro 05/01/10

May 1, 2010 by

     Hey guys! It’s now MAY! Hope everyone has had a great April and we hope you get through the ALLERGY SEASON! (I know I won’t)
Thank you eBuddy for the promo code to this app!
      eBuddy – the absolute BEST *BEST* multinetwork chat app available ANYWHERE. Whether it’s on the computer, on your cellphone, or on your iPhone/iPod Touch, nothing can beat eBuddy. 
     My friends use eBuddy. Their friends use eBuddy. Their friends use eBuddy. EVERYONE uses eBuddy simply for the reason I stated earlier. They’re the best. 
     I have had the free version for a long time and even though it was the free version and the paid version is better, I still used it. WHY? Because eBuddy is the best. The app is so amazing, even the free version should be marketed. 
     First of all, what is eBuddy? No, it is not the new Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or some game where you take care of a little friend. It is better. The term “multinetwork chat” is going to come up soon and frequently. What is multinetwork chat? You can tell that it’s used for chatting. *Remove Chat*. “Multinetwork”, “multi” meaning more than one. Network meaning, “MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, Facebook, ICQ, Myspace and Hyves”. All of those networks are available on the free version without ANY restrictions. 
     What is the difference between the free and paid versions? Well, the paid version offers picture messaging, themes, faster startup, up to 7 days of push notifications and the ability to change your display picture. 
     Wow. The themes stunned me. The speed had me appalled. My jaw dropped. I needed surgery. My insurance didn’t cover it. Boo hoo.
     I’m not gonna lie. I was surprised when eBuddy actually replied to my email asking for a promo code. *Did someone say customer service?*
     Me and my friends all love eBuddy. I have the worst Internet in the world. I just got the 3.1.3 update because my Internet is that slow. Therefore, I do not have Windows Live Messenger. How do I talk to my MSN friends? eBuddy. Facebook Chat for the iPhone sucks. VERY MUCH. How do I chat to my Facebook friends? eBuddy. Pretty much every other network is not used by me. BUT eBuddy’s awesomeness makes up for the two networks I use it for. 
     One problem I have with eBuddy. When you get it, “Shake to buzz” is automatically turned on. What’s the big deal? I was talking to my friend. 5 minutes of chat and I sent 28 unintentional buzzers. I then found out “Shake to buzz” was on.
     Graphics? I love the themes. Could have more though. User interface was pretty sweet! User friendly, good customer service =). Speed was exceptional. Creativity? Can’t really say that but multinetworking is pretty cool.
Graphics: 4.5/5
UI: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Creativity: 4/5
Our rating: 5/5
Total: 23.5/25 or 94%.
Epicly amazing. Try it.
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