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Glyder 2 is the $0.99 sequel to Glyder, the amazing app made by the gliding Glu! As you may recall, Glyder was a about a girl called Eryn who was once on a flying trip and was caught on a dimensional rift and was sent to a different dimension. She had to gather crystals and open a portal to get back home. In Glyder 2, Eryn was so unfortunately thrown through yet another dimensional rift and once again in another foreign dimension. Poor Eryn, but her misfortunes have created yet another exciting adventure that you may enjoy.

Much like the very first edition to this series, Glyder 2 is tilt controlled. Since you tilt to control Eryn, it creates an actual flying feeling. There are thermals, the speed Eryn is flying at, and even more. Unlike the Glyder, Eryn allows you to customize her. You may obtain many different clothes or wings to suit your type of Eryn you prefer, it is up to you. Really, Glyder 2 is like a major version update for Glyder, with so many new features that Glu couldn’t just give it away for free (but they did, see Glyder 2 Free).
The goal of this game is to collect enough floating crystals to open the portal that takes Eryn home. I love the way you have to guide Eryn to another island instead of you just hitting a button any your there. It creates a longer lasting effect that you’re actually Eryn, instead of a guy playing a game. Sure it may take long to travel to the opposite side of the virtual world, but it is more lifelike than to just suddenly appear in a new setting. The game was quite challenging, with new additions of mini-games and challenges explore six new worlds, achieve over 24 achievements, and more. An exciting action-pack game with a greatly developed storyline, totally recommended for people that love to just… fly.
Unfortunately, another element of the original was added, the repetitive soundtrack. However, unlike the original, Glyder 2 has the option of playing your own music from your iTunes library while enjoying the game. A welcoming addition to a welcoming app!

The app was stunning, with the life-like visuals, to the addicting non-stop flying you must do in this game. For the first time, when playing the Glyder series, I felt good about my life. All the pleasure of flying and soaring, in the palm of your hand! All that freedom for only $0.99, an offer you can’t refuse.

Graphics: 5/5
UI: 4/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Our rating: 5/5
Total: 22/25 or 88%
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