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Gunz is a gun simulator by Peekabui that, as stated in the title, lets you have the thrill of shooting guns without having to deal with the police after. A $0.99 that simulates guns, you may think, is a rip off. You might be thinking, I’ll just ask my dad if he could apply to be a policeman, or something like that. IF you are thinking that, you are as stupid as rock! First of all, if you steal a gun from your dad, your dad would be arrested for allowing a loaded weapon to fall into the hands of a minor/unqualified person. That would be bad. Is that worth proving a point that GUNZ isn’t worth a dollar? No, because it totally is.
Personally, I hate In App Purchases. But that is just my own opinion, and also many other people’s opinion. Once you buy the game, you definitely don’t want people to groan as they realize that they still have to pay even more so they could unlock the app’s full potential. If you like to spend your money over and over again, I’m not the one to judge. In this game, it comes with three guns, a 44 Magnum, a 45 Revolver, and finally a 1911. There are two more guns that you could BUY for one dollar, a silver Desert Eagle, and a golden Desert Eagle. I believe that the app should just be two dollars, and have all the guns included in it. But once again that is my opinion.
The app itself is a fair app, with many features to play with. The revolvers were already made before, so they aren’t exactly original. The 1911 was confusing though, since many people didn’t even know how to reload. For people that don’t know and have the app, you have to go to the settings and select auto reload. What was very original was that the laser sight for the 1911 was able to be removed/added, since most gun apps have laser sights that can’t be removed and is just an object that takes up room. As I quickly skimmed through the description, it turned out that there was a smoke feature, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. There is also a shooting range that when you tilt the aim moves. There is so many thing I want to say about the shooting range, so I’m going to start a new paragraph.
The shooting range was a great idea for a gun simulator app, but this shooting range wasn’t the best. IF you tilt right, the aim goes lift if you tilt left, your aim goes right. The aim is way too sensitive; it only needs a tiny tilt to move all the way across the screen. There is no way to calibrate it either, which isn’t really a problem since the simulator was calibrated right in the first place. Either way, I thought that the shooting range was horrible.
Okay, time to break down this app. The graphics were GREAT. To create decent gun simulator, the app MUST have very good graphics, and this app does. Creative app? Not really, you have no Idea how many gun simulator apps are out there. The user interface was, well there wasn’t really a load screen and the background was plain. It was decent. BUT it had no purpose whatsoever though it was entertaining.
Graphics: 5/5
UI: 2/5
Purpose: 2/5
Creativity: 0/5
Our rating: 3/5
Total: 12/25 or 48%.
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