[Featured App Review] iStunt Reloaded Pro 05/09/10

May 9, 2010 by

Thank you Profusion Studios for the promo code to this app!
     Happy Mother’s Day from the folks (dudes) here at How’s My App!
This app goes great with the song (WOW) Tap Tap Domination by Stroke Nine. (I know, I know. Don’t say anything about that.)
     iStunt Reloaded Pro is a 2D stunt snowboarding app from Profusion Studios available in the app store for $1.99.
     If you’ve been a long time How’s My App reader, you may know we wrote a review for iStunt back when we used to write really short reviews. Then, with my crappy luck, 3 days later, iStunt had an update – their name changed to iStunt Reloaded and the price changed to $4.99 then became free. Forever. Woohoo me.
     So… How’s My App is back again with iStunt Reloaded PRO! =) That’s much better, a two word title improvement over our last iStunt review.
     So let’s start stunting! (See what I just did there?)
     The loading was awesome. Really fast. In the game, you are a snowboarder, trying to make it to the end of the course (now there’s checkpoints). If you pass checkpoints, you can start from there if you fail. Like I did. Miserably. Also, for those that read the old review, I pointed out how Gravity Inversion sucked. Now, you can turn that off. iStunt Reloaded Pro includes a level pack not in iStunt Reloaded and it has the Jet Board (REALLY REALLY COOL). Anyways, back to the point. You have to survive many obstacles such as hills, cliffs, inversions (snowboarding upside-down WTF?), chainsaws (WTF?) and MORE (WHATCHA TALKING ABOUT?) which makes the game difficult but fun.
     Sad thing is, when I started iStunt Reloaded Pro, my game data from IStunt Reloaded was gone. Boohoo. I had to start all over. *Story of my life.*
     Starting over was fun though, because I used my Jet Board and I flew everywhere and got owned. *Other story of my life.* But, I was impressed because I thought that if you passed a level using Jet Board, you had to do it again on the Classic Board. I was wrong. That was very convenient for the level “Second Chance” when if you tuck and use your Jet Board and jump, you can make it “First Chance”. I completed that level in 5 seconds.
 The graphics were EH… cuz it was 2D. The User Interface was AwEsOmE! Gameplay was undoubtly insanely fun and addicting. Creativity: It was not your average snowboarding game.
Graphics: 3/5
UI: 4.5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Our rating: 5/5
Total: 22.5/25 or 90%
Look at that score and tell me the game sucks. Go ahead. Do it.
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