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Thank you Kemal Taskin for the promo code to this app!
     Watch Videos without Flash!!! (now Watch Facebook Videos) by Kemal Taskin is a very useful app available for $0.99. Why? Simply because it does something that the actual thing doesn’t do.
      Confused? Yeah. This app lets you watch Facebook videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch without flash… something the actual Facebook app can’t do itself. Doesn’t that sound cool? Because I get pretty frustrated when I really want to watch a Facebook video but can’t because the Facebook app is incompetant. Actually, the Facebook app for the iPhone/iPod Touch sucks. Very bad. I read the app reviews on iTunes and most of them were 1 star reviews because the people said “IT DOESN’T WORK”! Well it does, they’re just stupid (no offense). There is a help video included!
      Basically, what you do is log in to Facebook (real Facebook, not password stealing scam) and find the video. Instead of tapping the picture, you tap the link. Easy as that. When it loads, just press play. You can also add the video to your favourites to watch it whenever you want. Easy as that. The lite version limits you to 3 videos a day. The full version offers unlimited.
     Now to the technical stuff! Graphics were similar to that of Facebook – not very good. User interface might have been a little confusing which may have caused 1 star reviews. I thought it was smart, but I’m not everyone else. It was VERY USEFUL (purpose). As for creativity, it’s been done before. Or maybe it was the first one? I don’t really know… I just know it was the second app (LITE) when you search Facebook in the app store. Good for you =) so I’ll just assume they were the original.
Graphics: 2.5/5
UI: 3/5
Purpose: 5/5
Creativity: 4/5
Our rating: 5/5
Total: 19.5/25 or 78%.
Good app =)
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Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for!

First of all: some rules.
(1.) You promise if you receive a code to write an honest review in the app store!
(2.) You may only enter once.
(3.) If your name is Simon and you work for How’s My App, you may not enter.
(4.) If your name is PersonHere and you help How’s My App, you may not enter.
(5.) Tweet us if you get a code!
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