[Featured App Review] Stand O'Food 05/03/10

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Thank you G5E for the promo code to this app!
     Stand O’Food is a puzzle game created by G5 Entertainment to make you feel good about your crappy life that’s available for $2.99 (at the moment). How? Read on!
     Basically in this uber fun game, you play this dude (for lack of a better word) who runs a stand. Of. Food. (Self-explanatory much?) Playing this game and it’s numerous twists and turns will make you feel good that your life is better than his. No offense to the dude.
     At least the dude is nice eh? If I was him, I would be punching the customers. But, the guy is like G5E… they’re nice and they care about their customers (=D). He must have the patience of a (for lack of something).
     The customers just keep coming and coming and coming. You are practically running on the ceiling trying to put things together. Then, there’s the customer you get stuck on. You can’t make anything (here’s where the puzzle element comes in). Then another comes. You can’t make anything. You’re stuck. Then another, and another. But you can’t make anything. You’re stuck. Tough luck! Try another strategy. (For me, it was like ‘tough luck’ followed by a ‘what the [email protected]#$’).
     But hey, good game eh? Fun. I was playing for a long time. Trying to accomplish something in life! I’m a failure. I couldn’t complete a game. I was playing for hours because it was that addicting.
     Every time you play, there are new twists. I hate twists. But those twists kept me playing because the game was awesome.
     Again, let’s get freaky!
     Like all the other G5E games we have reviewed, the graphics were okay… User interface was user friendly =). Had me playing for a really long time. Good gameplay, complex story line. Not the first puzzle game of its kind but still pretty creative (food-pertaining)
Graphics: 3.5/5
UI: 5/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Our rating: 4/5.
Overall: 20.5/25 or 82%.
Cool app!
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