[Featured App Review] Twitterific/Twitterific Premium 05/15/10

May 15, 2010 by

Thanks to The Icon Factory for the promo code to this app! No song goes with this app. Why? Like I said for TextPlus, do I have to answer that?
 Twitterific is a Twitter client for the iPod Touch and iPhone available for free ($4.99 for premium). Are you a Twitter user? If so, are you ever annoyed at how there is no “official” Twitter app for the iPhone? Well, then get Twitterific. The absolute BEST Twitter app. And it’s available for free. Why is it the best? Is it how user friendly the app is? How colourful? Fast? All of the above? Yes. Yes it is.

The Icon Factory certainly knows how to make something better than the original. For lack of an official Twitter app, many developers such as The Icon Factory and the makers of Tweetery have decided to make Twitter apps. The difference between these apps? Everything. For example, Tweetery lacks a lot of features Twitterific does and sometimes, Twitterific just does it better. Simple as that.

The free version is ad-supported. Ads show up occasionally. Like I said for TextPlus, a small price to pay for a FREE fully featured BEAUTIFUL STUNNING Twitter app.

It’s also fast, I mean really fast. Sometimes, it refreshes for new tweets so fast the sound surprises me (you can turn it off.)

Now, I’m an hour into writing this review (don’t ask why; fine, since you asked, setting up camera for YouTube video but it was glitchy and I have old computer and it also uploaded some pictures I have not put on my computer yet so that took more than half an hour, I had to edit the video and put it on YouTube, saving took long cuz I have slow computer and uploading took long cuz I have slow Internet).

So, let’s get to the totals.

The graphics were colourful which added interest. The app was extremely user friendly. The app was almost TOO useful. But, as for creativity, Twitterific falls short; sorry.
Graphics: 5/5
UI: 5/5
Purpose: 5/5
Creativity: 1/5
Our rating: 5/5
Total: 21/25 or 88%.

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  • ive been using it since day 1 and… its just ok. if you can live with the constant connection errors:( i only keep using it because i paid for the bloody thing. seriously 95% of my tweets fail with some kinda cant connect error.2 out of 5 only for the themes. or id give it a 1 or a 0.

  • I get Twitter api error all the time, 'Opperation could not be completed invalid argument'Useless to me, as anon said above. Don't waste your money.

  • its terrific. thr shd be a correction window if u r doing something naughty.and the pops r not genuine sometimes for words. I give 5/5.by the way why apple is not taking it as official and spread it so that there ipad/iphone will go away from stores like hot cakes.wht say twitter appy buddy?

  • What kind of review is this? Twitterrific is in no way a modern iPhone Twitter client. Several others have surpassed Twitterrific in terms of functionality and usability. I'm also intrigued by the 1/5 for "creativity". What is the criteria?Comparing this with Tweetery is a joke. Tweetery is less modern than Twitterrific. Try comparing to Tweetings, Osfoora, Twitbird, SimplyTweet, and yes, even Tweetie the official client of Twitter (recently purchased).

  • I’ve been using Twitterific for some time now on my phone and I love it. Absolutely no reason to use anything else. I get the connections problems too, but it’s a simple fix; I just need to tap reload once and it’s all good.And the icon is superb (as well as the bird sounds). I dunno, something about it just makes me happy, something Tweetie and all those other apps out there fail at.

  • i think massive connection issues. garbage! it looks nice tho:/

  • @Anonymous: Twitterific got a 1 for creativity because there are numerous other Twitter apps out there.As for the Twitter API issues, I think that might be Twitter problems.As for the connection issues, I have no idea about that.