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Thank you Gamevil for the promo code to this app.
Zenonia is a 2D RPG game by Gamevil available in the app store for $2.99. For anyone who loves great classic action-oriented role-playing games like the very first Legend of Zelda, then you MUST have this game. No matter how you pay for it. If you are a real RPG fan, you would do anything for the most anticipated RPG in the history of the app store. People have done the strangest things to get this app, thing that varies from stealing from their mothers to jacking off a four year old girl. With an average of forty hours of game play, 16-bit era action RPG game play, how can you go wrong?

With forty hours of story line, you must be thinking there is tons of repeats and no point in the game. Those people that think that say that have issues, and if you don’t know what issues are, and you live, then you are an idiot. The story line is extremely twisted with a choice of two sides, good and bad. The story changes with every decision you have, so you can decide your own little destiny in this gigantic little world. I personally chose the evil side, since the evil fairy, Parole, is smoking HOT. To top it off, she is so revealing. HA-AWT.

The controls are the absolute BEST of all the app I can think of, and all the apps that I can’t think of. The D-Pad isn’t like Gameloft’s D-Pads, it’s more of a RPG D-Pad with four arrows in a circle. They are almost as good as a D-Pad, but it falls short by a sliver. RPG D-Pad is great, but it sucks when your against a mob of angry bears that are five times stronger than you and your finger slides off the D-Pad when you are about to escape. They rips you limb from limb as you fail to return your finger onto the D-Pad.

The app was great, kept me up all night. From days after the other, I kept on playing this great app. It was a true RPG, a great way to start off your day. Slashing your way to a great morning. Once you deal with your money issues at the beginning of the game, the rest is just pure addictiveness.

Okay, now how was this app? Awesome. One word to describe my whole review. Awesome. The graphics were awesome, the user interface was awesome, the purpose was awesomely played out, and the app was awesome. One word, AWESOME!

Graphics: 4/5
UI: 5/5
Purpose: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Our rating: 4.5/5
Total: 21.5/25 or 86%
Great job!
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