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Promo codes for the uber new $1.99 iPhone/iPod Touch app “Paper Pilot” courtesy of Clever Coding.


“”… a unique, casual flyer that most iPhone gamers will probably find worth a spot on their app list.”

“…definitely a lot of fun.”

“… integration of the tilt controls is masterful…
the range of maneuverability is unmatched in the genre…”
-Pocket Gamer


-In Paper Pilot you get to fly a paper airplane . As you pilot your plane you will get to improve your flying skills, collecting all paper clips in each level.

-Race against the clock to earn the best ranks and unlock more levels.

-Beautiful, rich graphics in stunning 3D.


-Tilt left and right to steer your paper airplane.

-Tilt forward and back to dive and climb.

-Touch to adjust your speed to perform difficult maneuvers.

User Reviews:

“I find this to be an excellent use of the accelerometer function. The “feel” and the ambiance are great, and the graphics are well done. This is a merger of simplicity and complexity” – Ed

“Worth the money, and I don’t spend a lot of money on games.” -matt_boywonder

“… Paper Pilot is now on my ‘favorites page.’ Addictive and refreshing…” -Calcooler

Dogfighting Update Still in development!

Paper Pilot was developed using the Unity iPhone game engine. Most of the level designs that you see were used from the asset library provided as part of the Unity license. To learn more about Unity go to www.unity3d.com”

Please comment if you take one and please write an honest review on iTunes. Be sure to thank them.

Promo Codes:


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