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Tap Tap Tycoon by Playnora is a real estate simulation game for the iOS platform available on the Apple App Store for $1.99.

First impressions: the intro made it look good and professional. Perhaps too professional.


Tap-Tap-Tycoon : Pin up city: Build your own city in your iPhone!

Be a genius of real estate investment! Buy houses and cities more and more! You think you can be a tycoon?

Tap-Tap-Tycoon is economy simulation where you can make profits by buying and selling houses. All you have to do is just touching!

Come on, we’re waiting for your challenge! You can buy a domed stadium, skyscrapers and even Statue of Liberty. You can build your own city!

And you can destroy a city like a mole killing game! Game will be faster with your Combo attacks!

Also, you can show your wealth to your facebook friends and twitter friends through OpenFeint. Compare your rank with competitors!

Game Mode:
1. City Tour
By touching screen, buy a house at appropriate price and sell it at higher price than you bought. As time goes by, you buy more houses and you make profits more and more.

Buy important land marks of a city and expand your area broader and broader!

2. Mole Killing
It’s very easy game! All you have to do is touching buildings!

Game will be faster and faster with your accumulated Combos!

3. My City
You can design your own city with buildings you bought. With money you earned in City Tour and Mole Killing, you can buy buildings in My City.

-45 stages consisted of 3 themes and 3 difficulty levels
-30 buildings and 9 beautiful land marks of 3D modeling
-at night, city becomes astonishingly beautiful
-there is a hidden mode you can play at some point
-you can design your own city with buildings you bought
-all you have to do is just touching
-200 various achievements
-OpenFeint: Social Networking feature, Ranking system and 100 more achievements

 I generally liked this game. Well, I liked the concept but the way that Playnora pulled this off wasn’t to my expectations. Having played similar games for the PC platform, I expected more out of this app but I was greeted with poor graphics, 3 difficulties, and tricks. Now a lot of what happens in this game (such as a house appearing and only having its price decrease), is possible but too uncommon that you get really surprised. As well, when a house is about to lose value, it shakes (I found this ridiculous because that’s impossible in reality though a necessary part of the game) but the shaking of the houses or other buildings is too subtle to tell that it actually is occuring, especially if there are 15 houses bunched together and one is shaking. I recommend changing that, maybe the house should flash colours of the rainbow?
Anyways, let’s total it up.
Graphics: 1/5 – Horrible.
UI: 4/5 – Not bad, could use a LITTLE more work.
Gameplay: 4.5/5 – Love it!<3
Creativity: 2.5/5 – Third one I know of, first on the app store.
Sound: 1/5 – Soft but something about it makes it stressful? And when you start and that person says “GO!”; please spell a synonym for a homosexual (no offense, just need the effect and slang meaning of the word)
Controls: 3/5 – Meh.
Difficulty: 1/5 – Not at all.
Longevity: 2/5 – I don’t remember how long I spent. That’s how long I spent playing it.
Entertainment: 5/5 – For me anyways.
Value: 2.5/5 – $0.99 would be a better price.

Total: 26.5/50 or 53% – It’s not a total disaster, just fix it up.
– Dennis


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