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Glyder by Glu Mobile is a 3D flight simulation game for the iOS platform available on the Apple App Store for $0.99.

App looks AMAZING from first impressions, clean and gorgeous high quality graphics and easy to read.


Game of the Month, Slide to Play
Gold Award, PocketGamer.

Eryn has been sucked into a dimensional rift! Take control of her glider and help her explore the magical surroundings.

Giant thank you for helping to make Glyder a TOP 5 GAME! We’ve updated the game with MORE TO DISCOVER!
Unlocking Eryn’s portal home spawns a whole new set of items to be unearthed! Stay tuned, there is more to come…

Eryn has been sucked into a dimensional rift and is left in a world that is not her own. Take control of her glider and help her explore the magical surroundings.

Soar over the majestic and peaceful Rift Valley. Take a death-defying flight through the Dark Pinnacle. Unearth the Lost Kingdom. Explore the wonders of Ambrosia. Discover the secret that lies above The Mushrooms, and delve into the Hidden Depths. Perform fun gliding maneuvers like power dives and dolphining and fly into thermals to soar high into the sky. Collect crystals, take trips, earn achievements, and help Eryn unlock a portal home.

✓Collect over 200 crystals to unlock new magical lands
✓Over 35 achievements to master
✓Discover and complete over 20 trips
✓Fly seamlessly through 6 imaginative lands

Named one of the Ten Games Every iPhone 3G S Owner Should Have – Know Your Mobile
Game of the Month – Slide to Play
Gold Award – Pocket Gamer
Gold Award – Mobile Game Faqs
Highly Recommended – 148Apps

“Glyder is the iPhone’s Pilot Wings.”
– 411Mania

“Glyder soars to the peak of the “must-haves” with its simplistic, compelling, and stress-free gameplay.”
– 148Apps

“This chilled out platformer fulfills lofty ambitions with gorgeous visuals and pleasant gameplay.”
– Pocket Gamer


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This game renders the iPhone graphics and accelerometer perfectly allowing for smooth gameplay. From the moment you tap to start your flight to the moment when you fail miserably and hit the wall and ground repeatedly, I was impressed. Using the accelerometer, you are able to steer left and right or fly up and down. It’s not all free-fly and fun though as you have to be cautious of your Speed and Altitude meters. Go too low and it warns you. Go too slow and it warns you too. Do both and you’re screwed. Forget and hit a wall. Look too much and fall to the ground. Collect crystals to unlock levels. Forget your surroundings – you know where I’m going with this. For $0.99, this game is a great buy and I would strongly recommend it.
Graphics: 5/5 – Stunning, amazing, gorgeous, anyone have a thesaurus? (IT RHYMES :O)
UI: 5/5 – Clean and simple.
Gameplay: 5/5 – Amazing use of the accelerometer for an epic gaming experience.
Creativity: 5/5 – Spawned a sequel.
Sound: 3/5 – Not the best but will do.
Controls: 5/5 – Read above where I said amazing rendering of the iPhone accelerometer.
Difficulty: 2.5/5 – Stongly dependent on skill and settings.
Longevity: 3/5 – 6 levels but strongly dependent on difficulty.
Entertainment: 4.5/5 – Read my epic high ratings.
Value: 4/5 – $0.99 is an amazing price.

Total: 42/50 or 84% – It’s not a disaster at all.
– Dennis

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