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Traffic Control Game by Atinco is (guess what?) a traffic control game (!) available on the Apple App Store for only $0.99.
First impression: The app looked professional and clean. (!)


Hey!.. It’s amazing… take a look to some World Wide User’s feedback (Lite and Full versions):

USA: ★★★★★ by tyra_rashay
This gme tha best ! lv it ! :))

USA: ★★★★★ by Aaar94
Very fun

UK: ★★★★★ by Frumpyflump
…this game is frustrating, but cos it’s so frustrating you have to keep trying to get to the next level even though you are screaming everytime you crash traffic seconds into a level. It’s one of the most annoying games I’ve ever played. Simple controls and nice clean graphics. For 59p it’s worth it, but be warned, you’ll be screaming in frustration.

Canada: ★★★★★ by Bren10000003777456
It was great, a have to have game

Germany: ★★★★ by Edgar)(Wallace
Witziges Spiel! Super Zeitvertreib!! Suchtgefahr!!! Lediglich gegen Ende wird’s dann echt hart!!! Level 5 Stage 2 immernoch ungelöst!!!

Spain: ★★★★★ by abaraska
tengo varios records mundiales y me he pasado la mitad del juego, super sencillo y te engancha para logar superar el record de los otros jugadores. Espero que pronto hagan un traffic control Madrid


The Miami traffic control system is under a terrorist attack and has been rendered inoperable by a virus.

You must take control of the lights and regulate traffic. Each car that goes through the light without colliding with other cars adds points to your score. Each stage has a mínimum number of points and a máximum time limit. You must achieve those points within the time limit.

Enjoy more tan 25 different stages with different lanes, bridges, traffic lights that control several lanes, trucks, police cars, ambulances, motorcycles and sports cars that will certainly raise your heartbeat.

For each level that you complete, you will get a unique gift from the Miami City mayor. If you complete all the levels, you will get a huge surprise!!!!

Oh!! and don’t forget to update the points you get. You will be in the world ranking players if you are one of the best ones. All of your friends will be able to see how good you are.

Show who can control Miami!!! Don´t wait more and be the first!!!


Music composed by Mike Weiser, www.mikeweisermusic.com

The game is fun. I am a big fan of these games (Traffic Control Games) though Simon and William aren’t. The graphics/images of the cars and buildings aren’t realistic (thank God for that) so everything is bright, colourful and vibrant. A sort of retro feel of movement is added. This game also has more elements of gameplay to control. For example, in other games, every intersection has 4 lights and you’re supposed to make sure either: (a) there’s not too much of a wait, (b) there’s no accidents, (c) others, and so on but this game is on (d): all of the above. Not every intersection has lights so there’s a big possibility of having an accident, plus, you can’t keep them waiting but you also can’t finish the game before the time limit. So even if you exceed your goal you still have to endure the rest of your time. I wasn’t a big fan of that feature (just saying). There are five levels each with five stages making for a total of twenty five uber hard levels which equals hours of frustration and casual gameplay. Those two words don’t go alongside each other.

Now, the score:

Graphics: 4/5 – Beautiful, colourful, vibrant, retro look.
UI: 5/5 – Amazingly simple and awesome.
Gameplay: 5/5 – I was frustrated because I could barely pass level 1. There are 5 levels with 25 stages. Play for days.
Creativity: 1/5 – Traffic. Control. Game. (Terrorists???)
Sound: 5/5 – (Music composed by Mike Weiser, www.mikeweisermusic.com)
Controls: 3.5/5 – Tap the screen.
Difficulty: 5/5 – What the f-. Didn’t you read what I wrote before?
Longevity: 5/5 – Play for days! (Wow, that was from the Fruit Ninja review when I just realized how repetitive I am).
Entertainment: 4/5 – OMGOMGOMG I am still playing.
Value: 5/5 – Worth it.

Total: 37.5/50 or 75% – YAAAYYYY! I am on stage 4!!!!!
– Dennis.

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