Team For Pure Piracy?

Sep 26, 2010 by

iModZone, “developers” of the so called “IPA God” seems to be a source for pure piracy. Looking over their site for some news to report on, I find that the home page of their forum is full of “Releases.”
3 out of 5 of their post recent topics are cracked apps. It is kind of misleading when an apparent team of developers are interested in providing and distributing copyrighted material.
Some of their apps, iPodMusic.Info and IPA God, was said to be made by them but with a group of outright pirates, I think they even stole those two apps. Maybe they just slapped their logo on it and said “FOR SALE.”
If that doesn’t make them trust worthy, there’s one more piece of news relating to them: their website has “security risks” severe enough that McAfee advised to use their site with “extreme caution.”

Red Verdict Image

McAfee TrustedSource web reputation analysis found potential security risks with this site. Use with extreme caution.
They are also claiming to sell the IPA God source code for lots of money so I suggest once again for you to stay away and avoid them at ALL costs.

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  • McAfee must be shit, because it found no problems with the site, but still flags it as dangerous. Look at the page provided, there are no negative marks on the site, and the download it lists is clean of viruses.Also, is completely separate from iPA God, and iModZone. was made by matt2mattie. iPA God was made by ipodtouchdude and Jmiz9000. There is no connection between the two, other than that is an affiliate of iModZone. Neither of the apps were stolen.

  • Great info!Frankly I jailbroke my phone but not for stolen apps. For functionality but got tired of the bugs and hackers

  • As a developer I appreciate the efforts mtiks has taken so far to fight against piracy. I didn't care much about piracy earlier and thought it might help my app to go viral – but just ended up with all bandwidth consumed and paying for server.