It’s Time To Blog: A Fallen Community?

Oct 21, 2010 by

One of the reasons. One of the reasons I love my iPod so much and that I created this site, is because of the loving iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple community. A bunch of people, hackers, developers, enthusiasts, bloggers, all of the above that put together, makes a nice, respectful and embraceful community. 

Having said that, how much, on a scale of one to ten, would you rank your surprise when I tell you that this community is falling apart?
Not that long ago, I started jailbreaking my iPod. I was like, all right, happy, no arguing. What do we have now?
Not too long ago (see how I avoided being repetitive? real nice huh?), half the community (hereby referred to as geeks – no offense intended, I am one too) was flaming the other half over how geohot burned a bootrom exploit at the same time as the chronic dev team was about to release GreenPois0n. Of course, people were defending geohot because SHAtter only supports new devices and the rest of the geeks were calling the supporters of geohot “selfish” because they led to the possible release of GreenPois0n.
A short while before that, tensions between iH8sn0w and chpwn are rising, the reason I am uncertain. Now, their relationship is even more strained as chpwn told iH8sn0w not to release sn0wbreeze 2.1 and iH8sn0w decided not to do so.
Obviously, I heard people arguing. One person said he no longer thought chpwn was cool because of what he did while another (cdevwill) said that iH8sn0w was being immature because he said that only to get people to hate on chpwn.

Even more recently, a parody jailbreak made by parody account p0isixninja caused mass chaos over a concentrated part of the community. A small joke equaled many pissed off people.

So where are we now? The chronic dev team hates – I guess – or at least dislikes geohot; as well as half the geeks who called him an asshole for what he did.
The end-user now has to choose between geohot or the chronic dev team – fifty fifty split.
Chpwn is having a Twitter war with iH8sn0w and again, the community is split on sides.
As a result of this, cdevwill is caught in the middle of this.

Half of the community is mad over a small button that says “make it sn0w” that is not malicious nor does it accept donations.

Tensions from every corner of the community rise, leading me to think, where has this loving, nice community gone? In hiding or gone permanently?

This leads me to think: what is tearing us apart?

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