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Maze Raider by Kishore Tipirneni is a strategy game available on the App Store for free.


“By far my favorite game app . . .”

“Amazing . . .”

“Totally addicting and well done . . .”

“Just download it, you’ll love it . . .”

“Can’t believe it’s free . . .”

Introducing Maze Raider, the action-packed game of strategy, skill, and intelligence. Maze Raider is simple to understand, but is also challenging, fun, and addicting. Use the touch screen to navigate yourself through a maze with obstacles such as land mines, sentries, and gates. Get special powers and points by landing on specific places. Set your own mines to kill the sentries or cause a chain reaction of landmine explosions. After you finish a maze, move up through an infinite number of levels.

All of the mazes are programmatically generated at random so that each time you play, it is a different game.

There is a 2-player game, which you can play with a friend using a Bluetooth connection. In this game, race to get to your opponent’s base before they get to yours while setting your own mines for your opponent. Since it is Bluetooth based, you don’t need to have a network connection and you can play anywhere like in a car. 2-Player requires iPod 2nd generation or iPhone 3G or later.

Practice levels before you get to them in the actual game. The practice mode also has an option for maze only which allows you to do an unlimited number of programmatically generated simple mazes with no obstacles.

– Mazes programmatically generated so you never play the same game twice
– Infinite number of levels
– Bluetooth enabled 2-player race game to play with a friend
– Auto-saving of game when app is closed
– High scores screen
– Full instructions

This app is free and is supported by ads. You have the option of purchasing the app for a nominal price to remove the ads. Some features such as upper levels require purchase.

Try Maze Raider today!

 Did you love the mazes on the back of the cereal box or newspaper?
Maze Raider brings it to the next level with some epic twists like bombs and doors.
The game itself has very good controls an makes use of apples powerful touch screen.
By swiping your finger across the screen you control this yellow dot. This dot can run into hidden bombs and you have three seconds to escape the bomb raidus befoe it detonates.
The game is billiant for wasting  time. The mazes get bigger and harder (pun)  after every level so its allways interesting.
This game is also GameCenter compatiable!
Go give the devolper some love, give his/her game a go!
Download it for free from the app store.

Graphics: 2/5 – Could be better.
UI: 3/5 – Nothing special.
Gameplay: 4/5 – Good!
Creativity: 4/5 – Best thing about it.
Sound: 4/5 – Retro!
Controls: 4/5 – Swipe gestures.
Difficulty: 2/5 – Too simple
Longevity: 3/5 – Lite version 
Entertainment: 4/5 – Really fun!
Value: 5/5 – Free!

Total: 31/50 or 78% – Worth a download :)
– Brian Twomey

If you buy a game that I reviewed that doesnt mean that you have to buy it.
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