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Reckless Racing is an arcade style racing game by Electronic Arts for £1.79 ($2.99)

This review will be split up into two sections: Single Player and Multiplayer.


THE DIRT-ROAD RACER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Made to maximize the Retina Display, Reckless Racing combines the finest in traditional top-down racing gameplay with state-of-the-art graphic environments. Skid, slip, and slide with precision controls, and challenge friends in online multiplayer. Hold on tight and get ready to go. Reckless Racing for iPhone® & iPod touch® is here!

“…one of the coolest looking top-down racing games I’ve ever played.” (Eli Hoddap, Touch Arcade)

“The first thing that strikes home… is the sheer loveliness of the graphics… From sparkling streams… to large wooden churches looming up into the camera at the side of the worn dirt roads…” (Will Wilson, Pocket Gamer)

Designed from the get-go to with eye-popping graphic quality, the visual details will really make you feel like you’re rolling in the mud. And get a load of how Reckless Racing looks with the Retina Display.

Dirt track or asphalt, truck or rally car – take your choice and then take it to the limit. Learn the basics as a beginner and choose from a variety of driving controls. Progress through the races and move up through Gold, Silver, and Bronze difficulty levels.

Adapt your race skills and push it across 5 amazingly detailed tracks vs. vehicles controlled by some outrageous characters like Otis, Lurlene, and Bubba! Unlock the reverse tracks and take them on again!

With online multiplayer, Reckless Racing gives you the chance to show the world your racing ability! Post your best times on online leaderboards and trade ghost races with players from all over the world. Chat functionality is also built in!

Immerse yourself in the world of no-rules driving. Take on the Dirt Rally, Hot Lap time trial, or Delivery time trial. Beat other drivers or beat the clock. Either way, there’s a lot of Reckless Racing to do!
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 About Single Player:

There are two racing difficulties; Beginner – Where the cars are easier to handle and Advanced – The cars are much harder to handle and slide all over the place. 

There are three game modes;

Dirt Rally:

Competitive races against A.I opponents.

Hot Lap:
Lets you practice the tracks by yourself.

Big open track where you have to pick up packages and deliver them to certain locations.

There is a total of 10 tracks in Single Player; 5 unique tracks and 5 “reversed” versions of the original tracks.

There is also 6 playable characters and 3 difficulties; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

About Multiplayer:

There is online multiplayer across a Wifi connection against other around the world!

You join a server and then you can either host or join a game.

You can pick the tracks from Single Player and you can play either the “Dirt Rally” or “Hot Lap” Game Modes.

My Impressions:

Score: 5/5

The graphics in this game really suit the game’s style, Arcade Racer. The tracks are beautifully made and well designed. The attention to detail on this kind of racer is quite high and the detail on the cars is good too. The game has also been optimised for “Retina Display” and there is an HD version for the iPad.

User Interface:
Score: 5/5

The “User Interface” in this app is very good. The layout is very simple and the buttons are clearly labelled and their functions are easy to figure out. The Interface style suits the gameplay with everything being a thrashed metal design that looks really good,

Score: 5/5

The gameplay in this app is amazingly fun! The races can be as casual or as hard as you want, thanks to the difficulty customisation. The “2.5 Dimension” Style is great because it give you more detail that a regular birds eye view. Online and Single Player are very similar and can both be enjoyed by anyone.

Score: 4/5

This arcade racing style has been made before but not many of the rival apps feature multiplayer but they probably have more tracks and cars. Well made, but not original.

Score: 5/5

The sound effects in this game are of an outstanding quality, When you hit a sign or wall the sound effects are amazing. The tire squeal, dirt sliding and engine noises are top
notch as well. The in-game music is of the country genre, Which I’m not a fan of usually, but this really suits this game and works really well.

Score: 5/5

This is where the game is outstanding! The control scheme can be fully customised, With 5 different layouts.

Standard: Where there are arrows that accelerate, brake and turn.
Tank: This makes the car steer like a tank, e.g To turn right the left wheels keep going and the right wheels brake.
Tilt: Use of the accelerometer to steer the car left and right.
Half Wheel: Where there is a half steering wheel that you use to steer the car.
Full Wheel: There is a full steering wheel on the screen that you use to turn.

Not only is an amazing set of control layouts but you can also fully customise that by moving the components about.


Score: 5/5

The difficulty can be adjusted to suit any ones level of expertise.

Longevity:Score: 3/5

This game is addictive for a few hours but the tracks are short and after a while they get repetitive and the online being basically the same as the Single Player doesn’t add much more play time. You will have fun for a while, in fact great fun, but be warned it won’t last forever.

Score: 5/5 
This game is amazing fun and it is a good laugh. You will have a great time playing this especially if you host a game online and get your friends to join!

Value:Score: 4/5

This game is £1.79 in the UK and roughly $2.99 in the US. The game is not worth £1.79 ($2.99) because of its lack of tracks but if you have the money to buy it and you love racing games then you can’t go wrong with this game.

Score: 46/50 or 92%

Definitely a game to check out!

– Matthew Willis

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