Battle of the Motion Controllers

Nov 15, 2010 by

Well, it has been over a week since the last motion controller, the Xbox 360 Kinect, was released, and after watching some gameplay footage of both, I have to say that the Kinect is pretty impressive. 
The ability to game without a controller is a good prospect for getting my grandfather to buy me one

The Playstation Move, however accurate, sounds to me like an extension of the Wii, which sits in the basement and gets despised for having no good games. Even with the MotionPlus, the Wii lacks a camera, which means no full body tracking, which both the Move and Kinect offer. On the technical side, the Kinect uses a depth sensor as well as a camera and array microphone to capture users bodies. The depth sensor uses an infrared sensor as well as a monochrome CMOS sensor to track motion in any light. The sensor also uses voice recognition, gesture and facial recognition, not just for gaming, but also for movies and other multimedia. The Move, on the other hand, uses a Bluetooth controller with an accelerometer, as well as a rate sensor. The controller also has a LED lit bulb, which can change color based on the lighting and color detected by the camera. The top of the controller acts as a beacon for the camera, allowing motion to be tracked in 3 dimensions. The controller can also be used to simulate visual effects, such as the muzzle flash of a gun. I will be going to a demo event for Kinect in a few weeks (probably with a camera), so if you have any questions for the Microsoft rep leave them in the comments below.

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