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Post Author: Honson Tran

As you all know, Apple has introduced retina display with four times as many pixels on the same screen size in the iPhone 4. Many app developers have already converted their apps and icons to support retina display, but others might have never converted them at all. Now with the help of Cydia tweaks, you can do it yourself!

STEP 1: You will need those Cydia programs for free by tapping into Cydia from your Springboard and touch on Search then install the following apps: iRetinerMobileTerminal, and Erica Utilities.

STEP 2: Once you install these three programs from Cydia, launch MobileTerminal on your Springboard.

Note: the MobileTerminal on the main repos is not iOS 4 compatible. Download the latest by adding the following source to Cydia:

STEP 3: Type in the following commands in MobileTerminal:

su (then press enter)

your SSH password [default is alpine] (press enter again)

iRetiner (enter once more)

After typing su, for security reasons, the password is not shown. Just continue and ignore it.

STEP 4: Now, you should reach a screen that looks like this:

Select option one by typing in 1 and press enter again.

STEP 5: Let the apps process. Your screen on your iDevice should look something similar to this:

This shows that the apps are converting to retina display. Once you are done, on the bottom of the screen there should be two options telling you whether to respring or not. Press y to respring. You are now finished!

In conclusion, the iRetiner does improve the icons a lot. I have tried it myself and I see a huge improvement, even on the blurry icons! This is a a neat trick, but when you get new apps, you need to repeat this process. Even though that is a pain, look on the bright side, your icons look so detailed!

Source: iPhone Download Blog

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