Fake-A-Bank Account

Nov 13, 2010 by

Fake-A-Bank Acount by Excelltech Mobile is a nice little app that lets you fool your friends into thinking you have money! It’s available on the App Store for $0.99.


Make others think you are filthy rich or drowning in debt with Fake-A-Bank Account!

Once installed Fake-A-Bank Account looks like any other financial information application — however instead of actually hooking up to your bank accounts, Fake-A-Bank Account lets you provide the bank accounts you wish you had!

Add a couple six figure bank accounts and seven figure investment accounts and casually show your date your iPhone/iPod Touch.. When your date happens to touch the ‘Accounts’ app they will think you are a millionaire!

Add a checking account with a couple bucks and several credit card accounts with tens of thousands of dept. Show this to your friend at the end of lunch as an excuse for not paying for lunch!

Fake-A-Bank Account looks like a real financial application. The first time you run the application you will be asked to enter a password. You must enter this password to add/edit your fake bank accounts to ensure only you are in on the secret!

This app does as it is supposed to and enables you to create fale bank accounts. However, it is not convincing for a number of reasons. First of all, for iPod users, the app would still work with WiFi. Secondly, the app is just plain ugly, and no other real financial apps would look like this. The functionality of the app eventually renders it useless (you can only fool so many friends) and my friends realized it was fake after about two seconds of looking at it.
Functionality: 2/5 – Not really convincing.
Professionalism: 2/5 – Really ugly.
Longevity: 2/5 – You’d be lucky to fool someone.
Creativity: 5/5 – Original.
Entertainment: 1/5 – Not really.
Total: 12/25 or 48%.
– Dennis Fan

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