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FileBrowser by Stratospherix is an iPad application that allows you to access files from remote machines. It is available on the iPad App Store for $2.99.


FileBrowser is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad to access, copy and stream files from remote computers including Windows, Mac, and Network (NAS) drives.

★ NOW SUPPORTS TimeCapsule and AirportExtreme ★

★ If you like FileBrowser on your iPad, try NetPortal on your iPhone. ★

FileBrowser allows you to browse your network without leaving your armchair, coffee shop, park bench, or office, unlike other file sharing apps that make you upload files to your iPad from your Mac or PC.

Stream videos straight off your computer or NAS drive.

With FileBrowser you can view every document and media type that iPad supports. You can also launch other apps to view or edit files and NOW ALSO pass files to FileBrowser from other apps.

★ COMING SOON ★- Copy multiple files and folders.  Don’t miss out.  Buy at the current price and get the update for free.

Whilst FileBrowser only requires a computer name or IP address, username and password, configuring home computers to share files and folders isn’t so easy. If you have any problems with this, please read our online guides and if they don’t get you connected please contact us.

FileBrowser is an essential app but it’s not magic and it doesn’t bypass network security. It will not be able to access your files on your home computer from a remote location without your computer being accessible FROM the Internet and SMB file sharing being enabled. Please see our web site for options on getting connected from a remote location.

■ Connects using the CIFS/SMB protocol to Windows 2000 and above, MacOS from 10.5 and most (but not all) NAS drives.
■ Does NOT support AFP.

FileBrowser does not work with all NAS drives. Before purchasing FileBrowser to specifically connect to a NAS drive, please try our free NetPortalLite app. If it can’t connect, FileBrowser won’t be able to either, although NetPortalLite is currently being updated to align with FileBrowser.

If our web site doesn’t answer all your questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will clarify any query you have.

One thing which bugs many users of iOS, is that there is no way to store files. Sure, images and videos can be saved to the Photos app, but files like mp3s can’t be downloaded or saved anywhere. FileBrowser is exactly what the name implies. It gives you a way to browse files. Attachments in Mail can be opened in FileBrowser, and saved in the app’s sandbox. From there, media can be viewed. Jailbroken users can use iFile (a file manager app) or SSH into their device, and move files from the FileBrowser Documents folder to other places.

The great thing about FileBrowser is the ability to connect to remote machines. You can add the IP/Host name of a computer (that is properly configured for file sharing) and browse and open its files. I use FileBrowser to stream music from my Mac to my iPad.

The great thing is that this is an App Store app, meaning even non-jailbroken users can have a file manager.

Graphics: 3/5 – Aren’t bad, but not very iOS-esque.
UI: 4.5/5 – Well laid out, bookmarks are in two places
Simplicity/Ease of Use: 4.5/5 – Quite easy to use, but settings may be confusing for less-advanced users.
Creativity: 2/5 – Could be more elegant, but it’s just a file browser.
Compatibility: 2.5/5 – Can only open file types which are natively supported by iOS
Controls: 4.5/5 – feels like a native app, easy to get the hang of, but some graphics aren’t iOS-esque.
Speed: 4/5 – Fast, but takes a while to buffer remote media.
Connectivity: 5/5 – Great! Easily connects to valid remote machines quickly.
Value: 3/5 – $2.99 – App works as described, but there are similar apps for less. Also, no iPhone version.
Total: 33/40 or 82.5% – Really good for being an App Store app, but depending on what you want you may want to explore other file sharing/streaming apps.
Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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