How to Install New Cydia Legally

Nov 25, 2010 by

Post Authors: Hector Rivera and Dennis Fan

This guide was not posted to intentionally irritate or piss off chpwn or saurik. This was posted for instructional purposes only.

The long awaited New Cydia which was made by saurik in collaboration with chpwn promises fixes to some of Cydia’s freakishly annoying glitches, bugs and flaws.

The instructions in this guide are all LEGAL and the files are hosted on saurik’s server.

  1. Download the .deb file here.
  2. SSH the file from your computer to anywhere in your iPhone filesystem.
  3. Open iFile and open the location in which you saved the .deb file.
  4. Tap the .deb file and press Install.
  5. Respring your device immediately following that.
  6. Enjoy using New Cydia!

iFile is available on Cydia for $4.00 USD. There is a free trial version available for those who need it.

You will also need OpenSSH from Cydia.
This guide is as simple as it gets. If you do not understand how to do ANY of the instructions here, please, please, please do not attempt to follow this guide.

Advanced Users: Please do not change Cydia’s Localizable strings. Cydia crashes have been reported from people who have done so.

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