iOS 4.2.1 Compatibility and Redsn0w Updated

Nov 21, 2010 by

Apple recently released the GM for their iOS 4.2.1 firmware update said to fix many bugs and glitches introduced by previous versions of the software. In an announcement earlier this morning, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team stated that they had recently updated their Redsn0w jailbreak utility to include 4.2.1 compatibility.
Redsn0w is now version 0.9.6b3. MuscleNerd also stated that the update made Cydia and MobileSubstrate incompatible and may lead to a restore. Cydia is available from Redsn0w after the jailbreak but it is incompatible with the firmware. In addition, most devices (with the exception of iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3G and old bootrom iPhone 3GS) are tethered on 4.2.1. Redsn0w 0.9.6b3 includes a feature that enables you to install packages that are gzipped and smaller than 15MB. It could be used to install OpenSSH or your own compiled Cydia. MuscleNerd reminds everyone that if they were to use this new feature to be sure of ownership and permissions prior to installing packages. The jailbreak landscape changed overnight and we’ll definitely bring you updates as it happens.

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