iOS 4.3 Rumours?

Nov 23, 2010 by

After waiting so long for the release of iOS 4.2 which was delayed because of issues discovered last minute, Apple may be releasing iOS 4.3.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball believes that for a newspaper – which requires a recurring monthly subscription – to work properly on an iOS device, it may require iTunes-based transactions. In order for the transactions to take place smoothly, The Daily, said newspaper for iPad, will require the use of billing APIs. The billing APIs would have to be delivered via software update to iOS devices. Since Apple delivered iOS 4.2.1 on November 22, it’s possible that the next version of iOS will be iOS 4.3.
It’s shocking to know Apple is planning to do it, but let’s not forget that iOS 4.2 was delayed twice. Who knows, maybe it still includes some bugs that Apple had to leave behind to release the awaited update.

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