iPad on Top Once Again?

Nov 24, 2010 by

Post Author: Omar Bizreh

Holidays are near, and iPad was on top of almost every wish list according Nielssen Study. The study shows that 31% of kids between the age of 6 and 12 hope for an iPad more than other devices… Usually the spot light is above iPod Touch, but it doesn’t seem that way this year, iPod touch has taken the second place side by side with Computers with a percentage of 29%.
The survey also shows that iPad and iPod Touch outpaced perennial handheld gaming favorites: Nintendo DS leaving it with 25%. The survey also shows a winner for a bad holiday season which goes to Sony, with their famous Play Station which got 14%…
Even though iPad is a bigger version of iPod Touch 3G with few things added, but it seems it took over the market – or at least in holiday season –
Does it mean Apple will continue putting their efforts on making it a better device to keep on dominating the market, or will they be filled with greed and take slow and easy when it comes to developing this device?!

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