iWiFiHack Scam

Nov 5, 2010 by

Thought I’d quickly write this to keep everyone on their toes about a certain app released November 1, iWiFiHack.
This program is a complete fake, so no matter how good this app seems, don’t download it at all. The download link for it directs you to ShareCash, which requires you to complete a survey that makes you supply information and your email address, which can cause them to spam you if you’re not careful! And most of these surveys also require you to fulfil two other services before you get to the “download”, which doesn’t even work. Just posting this so you guys were in the know about it.
– Mike Denton

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  • true its fake. i downloaded the app for my ipod touch 2g ios4 . the app did not get installed . said "invalid ipa" . I decidec to unzip the contents of the ipa file and found jus *png (picture files) files that just show what is shown in the video.Its crowshit

  • geo

    coool man…good job

  • Mundo43

    thanks man this should be posted everywhere since this guy is promoting this app in every website.

  • Joeldavidbrown

    I have a premium sharecash account and I downloaded the app and after trying everything finely managed to install iwifihack and it’s 100% fake because what happens in the YouTube video happens everytime!! It runs the same thing everytime even if wifi is turned off!! If u wanna see foryourself I’ll give u my premium account details and tell u exactally how to install it, my email is [email protected]

  • Llemke22psp

    I tried the first one that came out and it didnt work properly. Then they came out with a newer version and it worked great. I also heard there coming out with an android version!!

  • Heather

    http://iwifihack.net does not work for android.
    Parsing ERROR. Can not parse package

    Just a website that makes you jump through hoops to do surveys and then provides a non working app

  • Lloydyu


  • Lloydyu


  • iWiFihack is a SCAM SCAM SCAM http://tinyurl.com/72wahsk , really wish google would clean up their shit

  • Unknown

    Well you know what! i did not completed the survey, manage to download the iwifihack.. but WTF!!! its only a picture of a girl wearing two piece.. Fuck that asshole who created this shit!!!