Master Volume

Nov 20, 2010 by

iDevice users – especially iPad users – have been waiting for iOS 4.2 that was rumoured to be released last week but Apple pulled it off because a major Wi-Fi issue found. This week Apple released the second Gold Master of 4.2 – usually known as pre-release or RC. Until now it’s been reported that the Wi-Fi issue has been fixed but the question remains: is there going to be another issue that will make Apple push the release again or is it just a rumor started by Apple to hold up the release of unlock for the iPhone?
Never the less, few features have been added to 4.2 that makes it a special update (at least for iPad users): interface tweaks, alongside some functionality added, for example a volume control tweak that can be accessed from the home screen, in the multitasking window.
Until now this is what Apple have to offer in their long awaited update. Will they add something else before the final release or will they save some things for the next generation of iOS?

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