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PhotoLoader for Facebook for iPad is an iPad only app that lets you batch upload photos to Facebook on your iPad. It is available on the iPad App Store for $2.99.


PhotoLoader is the easiest and fastest way to batch upload multiple photos from your iPad to Facebook! Import your photos from the Photos app, edit and organize them and with one tap they will all get uploaded to Facebook!

✔ Import photos by selecting them in the Photos app or add them one by one using the image picker.
✔ Add photo captions.
✔ Rotate photos.
✔ Organize photos using gestures:
* use the swipe gesture to delete a photo
* use the long tap gesture to move a photo
✔ Create new photo albums before uploading.
✔ Batch upload selected photos to Facebook with one tap. PhotoLoader will preserve the order of your photos.
✔ Stay informed of the upload process with detailed progress indicators.
✔ PhotoLoader will save your pre-upload sessions. When you re-launch PhotoLoader you can continue where you left off.
✔ Uses Facebook Graph API for secure authentication and photo album operations.
✔ Efficient caching capabilities. Your Facebook photos will be cached on your iPad.
✔ Smart thumbnail generation.
✔ Upload error detection. PhotoLoader will suggest you to try uploading failed photos again.
✔ Fullscreen Facebook photo album viewer with swipe and pinch features similar to the built-in Photos app.
✔ No internet connection required for organizing new pre-upload sessions.
✔ Works on edge/3G/WiFi
✔ Sound effects

✔ Facebook® and the F-logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
✔ Yakamoz Mobile is not a partner, affiliate or licensee of Facebook, nor is it in any other way formally associated with them.

Facebook on iPad is really confusing. Facebook’s app hasn’t been updated to take advantage of the iPad’s large screen, and Zuckerburg has said that he doesn’t plan on it. Their suggestion is to use in Mobile Safari. Although it does work quite well, there are many features which don’t work. One is photo uploading.
My solution for you is PhotoLoader. This app is an amazing photo uploader for Facebook. It fits right in with your other apps. Right away you’ll notice similarities such as the refresh bar (looks like Mail’s) and the Facebook-blue color scheme. I love applications which feel like they were truly made for iOS-this is one of them.
Using PhotoLoader
When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted by the friendly user interface. Tap the Login to Facebook button in the top right corner, and Facebook Connect pops up. Grant PhotoLoader access to your photos, and it quickly loads your albums. I love how speedy PhotoLoader is! It is actually faster in loading your photos than the Facebook app is. To upload a photo (or several), tap the Upload New Photos button. PhotoLoader will load any photos on your clipboard. This feature is very useful because manually selecting each individual image with the iOS Photo Albums popover is quite tedious if you have many photos. Instead, in the Photos app, tap the action button and tap the desired photos. Once selected, tap the Copy button. Now go back to PhotoLoader and tap Upload New Photos. If there are any other pictures in addition to the ones from the clipboard, tap the + button. Select additional photos in the popover. Once you’ve selected all of the photos you want, swipe to delete, or tap to view it fullscreen. You can rotate it and set the caption from here too.
Tap the upload button and select or make a new album in the modal view that comes up. You’re done!
The Bottom Line:
PhotoLoader is the best iPad app at it’s price for uploading your photos to Facebook. It’s really simple, and you’ll feel right at home.
Graphics: 5/5 – Great! It looks like it was made for iOS.
UI: 5/5 – Perfect.
Simplicity/Ease of Use: 5/5 – It’s really easy.
Creativity: 4/5 – I can’t really critique PhotoLoader on this topic due to the type of app, but you’ll find that the creator has incorporated some idiosyncrasies of other apps.
Sound: 2.5/5 – PhotoLoader’s only sound is upon a successful upload. To the developer: if you are going to have sounds, have a few more (but don’t go overboard).
Controls: 5/5 – Really good!
Speed: 5/5 – Works faster than Facebook itself!
Connectivity: 5/5 – Quickly logs into Facebook and never asks you for your password again.
Value: 4/5 – $2.99 isn’t a high price to pay for an iPad app, but all it does is let you upload and view your Facebook photos. I’d like to see an update that adds the ability to manage your photos.
Total: 40.5/45 or 90% – Terrific app. Works really great. Definitely worth purchasing if you need a Facebook photo uploader.
Here are the codes:


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