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Snore Inspector is a snore pattern tracker app by GRSoft Labs available on the App Store for $0.99.


Do you know if you snore when you sleep? Want to stop disturbing your partner? Snore Inspector can help solve these questions. It can record other sounds too.
The Snore Inspector for iPhone, IPAD and iPod Touch helps people who snore and their partners. This app will help you know how often and how loudly you snore by recording your sleep sessions for review when you wake up. Keep in mind that the app is also a sleep recorder.
Snore Inspector remains always alert while you are sleeping, and when the device goes into sleep mode, it continues to record. How the Snore Inspector works is, based on the preferences you have selected before going to bed, it records your snores.
The Snore Inspector can be set up to vibrate (on the first snore sound) so that you change your sleeping position hence stopping you snoring. If you don’t want it to vibrate then Snore Inspector will simply record the data to be viewed later. With Snore Inspector you can also set the alarm that will wake you up after recording your entire sleep session and store “all the sounds you make”.
When you wake up in the morning, the Summary screen will show you how long you slept, how often you snore during the night, how loud your snoring was. If you tap the “See Graph” button, you’ll see all of this and more on an easy-to-read graph.
We are not saying that our app cure sleep disorders or make you quit snoring, as the most important are the diagnostic benefits of the Snore Inspector. The history feature keeps track of statistics for all previous sleep sessions.
FAQ to some user questions:
1. The sound files are large. The first night created a sound file of 202 MB. 202 X 30 = 6 GB. I can think of better use of my disk space than recordings of snoring.
ANSWER: We are doing all we can to make it smaller (have in mind it the whole night)
2. I have not found a way to delete recordings. Am I stuck with the recordings until the app is deleted and reinstalled?
ANSWER: Its easy on History and Daily View just swap your finger to the right on that recording you want to delete (Iphone default delete)
3. Must I have the power cable the whole night?
Most asked question:
How to delete the records – Just swap your finger to the right (iphone defautlt delete)
In Swedish – Hur tar man bort inspelningar – Genom att dra fingret till höger på det man vill ta bort.
ANSWER: Yes, we recommend that.
Finally we will make this app the best snore app out there – just give us time.

Snore Inspector uses your iPhone or iPod Touch 4G’s mic to track your snore patterns. It then shows a graph of when and for how long you snored during the night. It is a very cool app because I snore… a lot… so this has showed me when and what time in the night I have snored. Snore Inspector also has this neat feature whenever you snore the application makes your device vibrate and you move and turn over in your sleep, according to theory. And after a while of this it may help you to quit your snoring habits! It shows a daily graph or a monthly graph and is done is a very clean looking way. It is also Facebook compatible so you can share all your recent snore records with your friends (not that you’d want to do that). This app has a very clean looking design and beautiful effects. This app was definitely well made and was made with care. The interface is easy to get around and has simple controls and instructions. This app is only a couple of pounds and is well worth it for the active snorer. 

Graphics: 5/5 – Excellent!
UI: 4/5 – Outstanding!
Purpose: 5/5 – Great!
Creativity: 3/5 – Good!
Sound: 2/5 Not that much sound.
Use: 4/5 – Easy!
Difficulty: 5/5 Easy to understand!
Longevity: 5/5 Unlimited.
Entertainment: 4/5 – Brilliant!
Value: 3/5 – Pocket Money!

Total: 35/50 or 70% – Useful!

I would recommend it! 
Go get it now! Support the developers!

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