Android Phones To Be Threatened By New Viruses

Dec 31, 2010 by

After relatively few viruses were created for the iOS platform, Google Android seems to be next in line, after getting a new virus that gains access to users personal data.
At the moment this virus only attacks phones downloading apps from Android market in China, according to US security experts, Lookout Mobile Security.
In a report that the company published, they explained that the new Trojan has been dubbed “Gemini” and can compromise a significant amount of personal data on the phone.
How does the virus work? Once the malware is installed on the user’s phone, it will start receiving commands from a remote server which allows the owner of the server to start controlling the device. Geinimi is much more sophisticated than previous Android malwares, it has the ability to obfuscate its activities.
The reason behind creating this trojan is still not clear to Lookout, but the company stated that only users that download Android apps from China are likely to be affected with this Trojan. At the moment, only a small number of apps and repacked versions are infected and those apps are:

  1. Monkey Jump
  2. Sex Positions
  3. President vs. Aliens
  4. City Defense
  5. Baseball Superstars 2010

Even though those repacked versions are infected the original versions of those apps are still clean and can be found in Google Market according to the Security Firm.

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