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Dec 25, 2010 by

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Today, Christmas day, I received an iPad Camera Connection Kit. The kit includes a SD card adapter, and a USB adapter. The name is very deceiving, as the kit allows more than just the import of photos from a camera. This post is being written on my iPad, with a USB keyboard plugged in. With iFile (BigBoss repo, $4,  free trial), you can plug in and use USB flash drives and SD cards for transferring files, watching movies, etc.

Connection Kit, SD Adapter (Left) USB Adapter (Right)

When you plug in a camera via USB or a SD card with photos or videos, the Photos app immediately initializes. It then propagates the list of photos and videos, and loads thumbnails. This takes a long time. You can then tap a photo or video to mark it for importing, or press the Import All button to import all photos and videos. Unfortunately, you can’t preview the images or videos full screen; this forces you to import them first – which also takes a long time.

When imported, the media is sorted into Events according to date, and if they are geotagged, into Places.

Making Movies on iPad
iMovie is currently only officially supported by the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4. But, if you have bought iMovie from the App Store, and are a jailbroken iPad user on iOS 4.2, you can install the iMovie.ipa via Installous (we do not condone piracy, and do not encourage readers to use Installous for illegitimate purposes, repo, free) and with FullForce (BigBoss repo, free), the iMovie works as if it was made for the iPad.You can make iMovies with videos imported from your camera via the Camera Connection Kit, then save the movie to the Photos app, and upload it to YouTube. It works great!

EDIT: I forgot to mention: If you don’t install the “3GS version” from Installous, you must edit iMovie’s Info.plist via SSH or iFile. Where it says “front-facing-camera”, below is . Change it to

I strongly recommend any iPad owner to get the iPad Camera Connection Kit, as it adds a vital feature (USB and SD) to Apple’s great tablet.

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