Assign Different Settings for Different Occasions! [Jailbreak Tweak]

Dec 1, 2010 by

Post Author: Honson Tran

Mobile Profiles is a Cyda Application that lets you create custom Profiles for your iDevice to easily cange system settings when you switch for different occasions. This app is very nice if you are a person that takes your iDevice everywhere.

Whether it’s setting profiles to canceling all iDevice sounds during school, or putting your iPhone on vibrate during business trips, it’s all customizable with Mobile Profiles.

Another feature of Mobile Profiles is making Quick Profiles. You can do different toggles or different activation methods to open Qucik Profiles to quickly turn off bluetooth, airplane mode, and much more. This is useful for anyone in a huge rush.

The third feature Mobile Profiles provides is Quick Services and sending out notifications to Facebook and Twitter. [via iClarified]

Mobile Profiles seems like a very developed program It is available through Cydia for $9.99. It is totally recommended for anyone that needs to be at hundreds of places in a matter of minutes.

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