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BallFallDown is a new game from FlatPack Interactive that will keep you and your whole family occupied for hours on end!


********  No levels! No points! No timers! Unlimited fun!  **********

Construct your own marble run or build brand new toys with the whole family! Create whatever you want, using classic pieces like wooden boards and spinning stars, and discover never-before seen pieces like teleporters, spouts and many others!

Control the pieces and balls with innovative touch controls: make pieces longer or shorter, rotate them and drag them around your play area.

*** Pause the action while you work, then hit play to watch it run!
*** Zoom in to see things up close, then zoom back out to see the big picture!
*** Choose from a wide variety of balls, such as marbles, super balls, eight balls, baseballs and more!
*** Spouts for all the balls, or choose the random spout for surprise!
*** Teleporters that beam balls across the screen!
*** Wooden stars spin when the balls hit them!
*** Wooden boards as long or short as you like!
*** Glass tubes (you can change their length too!)
*** Change gravity to make things fall faster or float like bubbles!
*** Allow just one ball onscreen, or hundreds!
*** Tilt the screen and change gravity’s direction!
*** Have balls fall off the screen, or let them bounce off the sides and roll to the bottom!
*** Helpful instructional video!
*** Save what you built and load it up for later!
*** Create your own pinball game with flippers that flip when you tap them, bumpers that ring a bell when they’re hit, and as many pinballs as you like!
*** Premium balls like bowling balls, basketballs, volleyballs, and more!
*** Lots of other stuff and extra exclamation marks!!!!

First of all, I would like to say; this is my new favorite app. I spent one hour straight playing this game, until I tore myself away to write this review.
This extraordinary app for iPad is game where different types of balls fall from “spouts”. You drag spouts and other objects from a toolbar along the top. Objects include walls, teleporters, recyclers, spinning stars, flippers, and bumpers. The best thing is the physics. They feel real! This ain’t some cheezy app some teenager threw together to earn a quick buck, this is a high-class game worth contending with Angry Birds!

The balls (basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, marbles, tennis balls, bowling balls, etc.) fall and you can have them fall into one end of a teleporter and they will end up coming out the other end somewhere else on the screen, then you can have them be recycled. Or, you can make your own game! Set down some flippers and bumpers and play a game of pinball with your family! My whole family loved this app; I had a hard time getting it away from my younger brothers, and even my parents had fun for once with my iPad. You won’t get bored with BallFallDown easily… unlike other apps where after a set of levels, the fun is over, BallFallDown will keep you occupied for hours on end!


iOS-esqueness – 4.5/5 Awesome.
Longevity – 5/5 Goes on forever.
Quality – 5/5 You can tell a LOT of work went into this masterpiece. It has so many features, and the physics are great.
Graphics – 4.5/5 Really great, but I would like to see themes.
Interactivity – 5/5 Your fingers design each ball’s destiny!
Sounds – 5/5 Many sounds
Guide the user – 4/5 Shows video tutorial on first launch and can be accessed from the credits view.
Price – 5/5 Free, upgrade to Deluxe only $4.99 – A bargain for such a fun game!
Value – 4.5/5 The price is great and you’ll surely love the game!
Score – 94% This game is addictingly fun and free – you need to go to the App Store and download BallFallDown right now!

International Deluxe Version Promo Codes ($4.99 Value):


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