Buckyballs Review

Dec 25, 2010 by

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For Christmas, one of the most useless but fun little toys that I have received probably would by the Buckyballs. Buckyballs are a 6x6x6 cube of spherical rare earth magnets that react very precisely given different conditions. Just about anything can be made from these, whether it be a necklace, a sphere, a ring, a long chain, a spool, or even a snowflake. At USD $30.00, these are by no means cheap. However, I will personally guarantee you that you will not be able to put these down.

Although each individual ball is magnetized and fun to play with, they are very easy to lose. Within one day, I had already lost two of the magnets. Another downfall of this toy is that the chrome finish seems to chip off quite easily. Nevertheless, it is a toy that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

You may try to create a ring, a necklace, a snowflake, or so on. However, by far the hardest challenge to tackle, is the Cube. Can you discover the secret to building one?

Here is a video by ZoomDoggle, the creators of Buckyballs, that shows just what these magnificent little things can do:

You can get Buckyballs at getbuckyballs.com. They are available in Chrome at USD $30, and Black, Gold, and Silver at USD $35. Buy using the promotional code “BUCKFRIEND” to get a small discount.

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