Google Annouces Web App Store, Chrome OS Laptop

Dec 7, 2010 by

Google held a Chrome keynote today, and introduced several new features, including Instant search, WebGL hardware acceleration, as well as a webapp store, and the first Chrome OS laptop. The presentation also included speeches from Amazon, EA, and the New York Times.

The full presentation started with Google announcing Instant for Chrome Search. This feature not only uses search results, but actual web pages based on your browsing history. Google then announced a PDF reader for Chrome that has a main focus on speed, followed by the WebGL hardware acceleration, and Crankshaft JavaScript engine. On the security side, Chrome has added sandboxing for plug-ins, such as Flash.

Moving on, Google announced the Chrome Web Store, which is similar to OpenAppMkt in the fact all applications are web based. However, when using the applications offline, games and other apps that do not need an active connection can be loaded from a cache. The apps can be loaded from any web browser, but the homescreen fuction (similar to the new Mac OS X) is only availible in Chrome. EA also announced Poppit will come free with Chrome 9.

Next came the most discussed topic, Chrome OS. The big announcement was the first Chrome OS laptop, the CR-48. The CR-48 with Chrome OS has a code check, much like the iOS platform. But, Chrome OS can also be booted in “jailbreak mode” where you can run your own code. As for hardware, the CR-48’s technical specifications have not been revealed, but we do know that it is a small laptop, possibly netbook, and will have built in WiFi and 3G on Verizon. The keyboard has had the caps lock and function buttons removed.

No release date has been given for Chrome OS or the CR-48, but you can apply for beta testing here. Chrome 9 with the Web App store is available now, so go get it. Happy browsing!

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