Google Launches “Teach Parents Tech” Website

Dec 22, 2010 by

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This post was originally written by Brad Reardon of Reloading Data.

If you’re like me, your parents constantly bug you for help with the simplest technology-related issues. It can tend to get repetitive and annoying. Have no fear, however, as Google is here to help.

With the recent launch of Teach Parents Tech, Google has 52 videos in 5 categories on doing tasks such as finding information, creating bookmarks, and finding phone numbers for businesses. These videos feature a friendly person that helps the viewer carry out the desired task. Of course, this is not the limit, as they are constantly expanding their library of videos. After selecting the videos you wish to send, you are prompted for several options in order to make the email slightly more personal. Afterwards, you are given a nicely formatted HTML preview of the email that will be sent straight to your parent’s email inbox. The best part is that it looks like it came right from you!

Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to Teach Parents Tech now and send your parents a customized email containing videos on doing tasks they are unable to do so. This time around, they have no reason to bug you.

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