How To Save SHSH

Dec 4, 2010 by

So, you’ve updated to a new iPhone firmware, and you don’t like it. Maybe it broke something you need, and you want to downgrade. Since the introduction of the iPhone 3GS, Apple requires that all restores be signed by themselves.

However, there is a way to save your SHSH (your device specific signature) to enable you to downgrade your FW! (Please note that downgrading FW doesn’t downgrade your baseband)

You will need to get a free program callled TinyUmbrella




Once you have downloaded it, open it up. You will be presented with this screen

Now, plug in your iDevice and click on “Save SHSH”

And that’s it! Now you can downgrade/restore to any firmware you have SHSHs for. NB you can only save SHSH for the firmware that Apple is currently signing, or the most recent one, so save your SHSH as soon as possible.

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