HOW TO: Stream Music via iTunes to Any iDevice Using AirPlaySpeaker v.1.0

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Post Author: Honson Tran

The new AirPlay feature on iOS 4.2 allows you to use to stream video to any Apple TV. This is limited to the Youtube, Photos, and Videos App that were included with iOS. Imagine the possibilities of actually streaming music from iTunes to your iDevice! All you have to do is follow these steps.

To be able to use this tweak, you need a jailbroken device, you can jailbreak your iOS 4.x device using the latest version of Redsn0w by following our guide posted here then simply follow the steps given below.

First you will need iFile (download through Cydia), iTunes 10.1 (download here), and a program to SSH into your iDevice. I recommend iFunBox for Windows users that can be downloaded here.

Also, make sure again that you are on the SAME NETWORK!

STEP 1: Download the AirPlaySpeaker v.1.0 .deb file here.

STEP 2: Extract the files so you should have your SSH program ready and a debian file called “airplayspeaker.deb”

STEP 3: SSH into your iDevice. If you are in the root file of your iPod, keep going up a level until you cannot go higher anymore. Drag the airplayspeaker.deb into that directory. (You should see folders similar to this)

STEP 4: Go to iFile on your iDevice. Keep pressing the arrow button on the top left until you cannot go back anymore. You should see your airplayspeaker.deb that you have SSHed into your device.

STEP 5: Press on airplayspeaker.deb and press installer. There should be some code running similar to installing something off Cydia. REBOOT YOUR DEVICE AFTER THE INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE.

STEP 6: Now, open up iTunes and play a song. You should notice a small AirPlay icon on the bottom. Press it and select your device. Your device should now start streaming!

You should now see your iDevice’s name on the bottom right corner of iTunes. You have successfully streamed media to your iDevice!

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