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January is fast approaching, which means great things are coming soon from Palm. One of those great things is called Enyo, and it is the new framework that all WebOS apps will be built on. According to the presentation by Palm, this new framework will be faster, and much easier to use.

One of the features that Palm and its developers seem to be very happy about, is that Enyo will allow apps to be built more like a web site. With Mojo, you are confined to setting up your files a specific way, and loading time is very slow.

Enyo is said to be opening up to developers in the early access program sometime in early January, and then to the rest of the developers shortly there after.

Note: If you are in need of extra cash, and love technology, I recommend that you become a WebOS developer. It is free to make and submit apps, and there are many “perks”. You will not regret it, and you will get a free elf in the mail.

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