iPAGod Released — No Merry Christmas for Developers?

Dec 23, 2010 by

How’s My App does not support nor does it condone piracy. This news article is strictly to inform you of the presence of iPAGod.

Yes, that controversial app said to be able to download and install cracked apps to any device regardless of whether it was jailbroken or not was released today.

In the video, iModZone says “Merry Christmas!” – think of the developers. This app enables anybody – literally anybody – to steal their works. Developers that need money from sales of apps to make a living. Money needed to spend on their families for Christmas. Think about it. Because of the release of iPAGod, will these developers enjoy a Christmas at all?

Originally, the developers, iModZone, were planning to charge $20 for this application but now they made it open-source and free; available to anybody who cares.

This application was released on December 23, 2010 at 3PM EST (8PM GMT) and is available from download.imodzone.net. The .zip file is intended for Macs to compile the code and complete a bunch of complicated steps to get the app running.

These complicated steps include setting up stuff on servers.

Hopefully, people will give up and this excessive level of complication will discourage some users. But don’t sigh yet, eventually, people will set up pre-compiled versions of this app soon enough making it accessible to everyone.

Chances are, users of iPAGod are not going to be “try before you buy”ers because, let’s face it. No one would go through all this trouble to purchase something full price.

The effects (and legitimacy) of this controversial app are currently unknown but for sure, the iPhone community has been changed forever. And it will never recover.

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