iPod or Distract?

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In middle school, I wrote this article about whether or not electronic devices should be allowed in schools.

iPod or iDistract?
Should electronics be allowed at BMS?
by Nick Welch

In the modern age, students are keeping up with all of the latest technological innovations. In a survey taken of 62 students, 74% said they owned an electronic device such as a cell phone, iPod, or portable game player. Of those students, 65% bring their devices to school. Is this a good thing?

Mr. Powers said that as long as students aren’t misusing the devices, he has no problem with them being brought to school.

Students are misusing the devices though… Mr. Powers said he has received about six reports of electronics being used at inappropriate times so far this year.
These are only the reported cases. In a survey taken, 3% of students actually admitted that an electronic device had interfered with their learning in some way.

So should the devices be banned just because students might misuse them?

“We should trust that kids aren’t going to take advantage of their privileges,” said Mr. Powers. “We need to believe in the positives, not the negatives that kids are going to misuse them.” “With privilege, comes responsibility,” he said.

One student said her parents want her to bring her cell phone to school in case of an emergency.

So electronics can be helpful! Cell phones can be used to make quick calls without having to be wired to a wall. Electronics have other uses, too.

“There are so many possibilities,” said Mrs. Abbring, the technology specialist at BMS. “Technology can be so useful in education,” she added.

Why not utilize it, then? Although 65% of students bring electronic devices to school, Mrs. Abbring said that she feels that requiring electronics to be brought to school is asking too much of the students. The 35% of students that don’t currently bring electronics to school might be feel pressured because electronics can be expensive.

Eighth-grader Tyler Ziel says he’s fine learning the old fashioned way. “Whatever works,” he said. “We are still learning the same stuff.”

The bottom line is that electronics have many helpful uses in emergency situations or even in education, but they can be misused; it’s all up to the students. Electronics will continue to be allowed at BMS during lunch, as long as the students respect the policies.

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