iPod Shuffle (September 2010) Review

Dec 5, 2010 by

Back in September when Apple refreshed their iPod lineup giving the iPod shuffle a new but familiar design re-introducing the buttons gave an extremely simple UI, even without a screen making it by far one of the easiest and highest quality music players.

I picked this up at Best Buy as a birthday gift for my dad and he let me write a review on it.  For only about $50, buyers really get a bargain with  this iPod.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on this little device is crystal clear… on iTunes downloaded songs.  Songs downloaded from LimeWire, Frostwire, etc. will have a temporary static noise at the beginning of a song, but as long as you don’t pirate music your sound quality will be excellent.

User Experience

+ button, volume up. – button, volume down.  I could go on and on but this is the classic iPod experience that you are already familar with, you know it’s simple when my dad can use it (just kidding Dad).

Flip the switch all the way to the right to turn it off, middle plays songs in order and to the left shuffles your music. With VoiceOver, you will always know what’s playing. VoiceOver even tells you when your battery level is low.


I would recommend this to the casual music listener and the runner/jogger. With only 2 gigabytes of flash storage, it may not be able to handle more heavy listeners and the built-in clip makes it ideal for the bodybuilder of the family.

If you’re looking for a cheap but awesome holiday gift for someone who meets the criteria of casual listener, runner or workout freak then this is a great buy available in Silver, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink to fit anyone’s likings.

Sound Quality- 4/5
Build Quality- 5/5
User Experience- 4/5
Overall(Average)- 4.6/5




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