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I WILL OM NOM YOUR FACE WITH THIS GAME!Minigore for iOS is an exceptionally good game with quailty 3D graphics that will keep you entertained for hours!

Can you survive the onslaught of furries in the dark wilderness of Hardland? Help John Gore avoid his enemies and fill them full of lead in this action-packed arcade shooter. Intuitive dual-stick controls and stunning, fluid visuals make for one of the most addictive and characterful games on the App Store.

#1 Paid App in 5 countries, Top-10 Paid App in over 20 countries including US, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Australia!


New playable character White Gangster Gore! He’s mad because the furries are trying to ruin his tuxedo!
Introducing Encyclopedia to give you more insight to the Minigore Universe!
-Encyclopedia now includes: Jenny Gore, Minotaur and Elder Gore.
-Fixed new achievements not registering in certain cases.
-Fixed a graphical bug with muzzle flash and the bushes.
-Various bug fixes.

And much more!


Every time you download a new update, please rate it 5 stars to keep the updates coming! Mountain Sheep appreciates your support!

This game is just a brilliant idea and there’s not one person that dislikes this game! It’s from the same devolper(s) as Cut The Rope so you know they have given this game hundred percent in effort when they were devolping it.

The 3D graphics of this game are extremly good and it’s animations is well perfected,

Minigore For  iOS

The gameplay of it is basically kill all furry creatures and try to survive. Shamrocks are placed at random around the map and whenever you collect a shamrock it added it into a slot of three. After all the three slots are filled you turn into a flaming wild pig rampages through everything. There’s a lot of characters to choose from like the guy from Zombie Villie. Basically if you like destruction and glory, you will love this game!

This game deserves to be on any iDevice and its cheap too!

Graphics: 5/5 – Excellent!
UI: 4/5 – Outstanding!
Purpose: 3/5 – Fun!
Creativity: 4/5 – Really nice!
Sound: 5/5 Funny!
Use: 4/5 – Easy!
Difficulty: 5/5 Easy to understand and play!
Longevity: 5/5 Unlimited.
Entertainment: 5/5 – A blast!!
Value: 4/5 – Pocket Money!
Total: 44/50 or 88% – Best. Game. Ever. Played!

I recommend this game as long as it isn’t given to children under the age of 5. This game contains violence that wouldn’t be suitable for that age group. Anyone older than five years is fine.

Enjoy the game! Hope you waste a lot of time on it,

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