Mozilla Drops Firefox Beta 8 With High Hopes

Dec 22, 2010 by

A big day was ahead for Mozilla when they dropped Beta 8 of their famous Internet browser: Firefox. The new generation – Firefox 4 – went through a extreme make over with hopes to give the browser a fresh and nice GUI after holding on with the classic GUI in all previous Firefox releases.

As expected, Mozilla kept their promise in providing a fast and simple browser for users across the globe, as beta 8 includes a more simplified Firefox Sync.

Additional graphics support for WebGL in both Windows and Mac operating systems, alongside a revamped manager that updates all add-ons automatically without prompting the user.

According to
Mozilla, about 1,400 bug fixes or changes were made to the
predecessor of Beta 8, that was first launched six weeks ago.

Nevertheless, Beta 8 is about 5% faster than Beta 7 in rendering JavaScript – according to ComputerWorld.
For each beta release, it seems that Mozilla is really up to something in the field of Internet browsing after all the improvements Firefox received in it’s next generation starting with a brand new JavaScript JIT (Just in Time)
compiler, supported by hardware acceleration that was first included in Beta 5 last September, ending with a new tab manager in beta 4 a month earlier. Nevertheless, Mozilla is still planning to release two more betas before starting RC (Release Candidates) releases, to finally decide if it’s to be a success with end-users.

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