New Apple Store In Amsterdam in 2011?

Dec 1, 2010 by

Post Author: Honson Tran
According to OneMoreThing, Apple might be opening a new Apple Store in Amsterdam somewhere along next year. After new Apple stores in Barcelona, Shanghai and London, it is possible that Apple is opening a new store.

Even though the building Apple is supposed to be opening their new Apple store is currently in use by a gallery in the heart of Amsterdam, it is continued to be in function until Apple receives the final permit.

In recent weeks, several OMT (some very reliable) sources that began with the preparations for the Amsterdam Apple Store. For example, a number of Dutch companies approached for technical and architectural modifications to the building. Also, Apple already has begun recruiting staff for the store. A date for the opening there yet, but according to our sources, sometime in the spring of 2011 expected.

ABN AMRO has long had a branch at the spot where the Apple Store planned. The bank has a location several months ago. Now the site temporarily leased to an art gallery which holds exhibitions. Employees of the gallery opposite OMT confirm that the space will be leased to Apple. There is already a permission from the City of Amsterdam as the location for store use. The gallery may continue until the permit is issued.

If the reports about this new Apple Store are true, this will be the first Apple Store in the Netherlands.

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