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PhotoLoaderPhotoLoader for iPhone is a brilliant way to upload large photo albums from to your Facebook in the simplest manner.

Description: PhotoLoader is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to batch upload multiple photos from your iPhone to Facebook! Import your photos from the Photos app, edit and organize them and with one tap they will all get uploaded to Facebook! Features: ✔ Import photos by selecting them in the Photos app or add them one by one using the image picker. ✔ Add photo captions. ✔ Rotate photos. ✔ Organize photos ✔ Create new photo albums before uploading. ✔ Batch upload selected photos to Facebook with one tap. PhotoLoader will preserve the order of your photos. ✔ Stay informed of the upload process with detailed progress indicators. ✔ PhotoLoader will save your pre-upload sessions. When you re-launch PhotoLoader you can continue where you left off. ✔ Uses Facebook Graph API for secure authentication and photo album operations. ✔ Efficient caching capabilities. Your Facebook photos will be cached on your iPhone. ✔ Smart thumbnail generation. ✔ Upload error detection. PhotoLoader will suggest you to try uploading failed photos again. ✔ Fullscreen Facebook photo album viewer with swipe and pinch features similar to the built-in Photos app. ✔ No internet connection required for organizing new pre-upload sessions. ✔ Works on edge/3G/WiFi ✔ Sound effects Notes: ✔ Facebook® and the F-logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc. ✔ Yakamoz Mobile is not a partner, affiliate or licensee of Facebook, nor is it in any other way formally associated with them.

PhotoLoader for iPhone is extremely handy when trying to upload holiday photos, family photos or anything memorial you want to upload to Facebook.

PhotoLoader has a very useful feature of being able to “mark & copy” your photos from and with only one click of a button they are uploading to Facebook! It fully supports iOS 4 + multitasking and gives the app the ablitity to upload as many photos as you like in the background while you move to a different app. You will be notified whenever the uploading is complete or you can go back to the app check on its process then go back quickly switch to a different app.

Unlike Facebook for iPhone where you cannot create albums or choose which album to upload to, with PhotoLoader you can do everything with ease and speed. You can also view all your current photos in the app’s “Albums” page. I have to say this app hardly takes up any memory and will not slow down you phone or iPod while trying to upload photos in the background. I have had seriously no lag when trying to use this app.

I think this app is perfect for photographers or anyone else and I would like for this app to get into the top tens on the App Store.

Congrats to the developer! Well done on this brilliant application.

Graphics: 4/5 – Not atrocious.

UI: 4/5 – Simple and easy to use.

Simplicity/Ease of Use: 5/5 – Super simple, just one click and poof – Facebook time!

Creativity: 3/5 – It’s handy but it has been done before. (Same developers on the iPad).

Sound: 2.5/5 – Only a few sounds.

Controls: 5/5 – Simple.

Speed: 4.5/5 – Requires an Internet connection, but on its own, it’s a  super fast app!

Connectivity: 5/5 – Simple.

Entertainment: 4/5 – Nice to see all my photos!

Value: 5/5 – Totally worth it if you have an iPhone with loads of pictures and worth it even more if you’re not a photograher!

Total: 42/50 or 81% – Brilliant application, deserves it!

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