Save SHSH Blobs From Your iDevice Using iSHSHit

Dec 4, 2010 by

A new Cydia app has been released today called iSHSHit. iSHSHit is a new Cydia app that lets your save your SHSH blobs from your iDevice.

This new Cydia tweak is pretty simple to use. Basically, you just make sure that the information you want saved are correct and press save.

It should now say it is download the SHSHs. What it basically does next is that is opens up to a new mail page sending the attachments to any e-mail account you want.

Basically, once you press save, the SHSH blobs are already saved, but you can also send them via email to another inbox for more permanent keeping.

iSHSHit is a free Cydia Application. I really recommend this app to save your SHSH Blobs. It is convenient, fast, and easy! I’m sure saving SHSH blos won’t consume too much time out of your day. All it takes is 3 seconds! Who knows, maybe if your iDevice’s firmware corrupts, you can restore to the same firmware and keep your jailbreak. This is a must have for any jailbreaker.

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