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App Reviewer: Honson Tran
SpeedClock is a new app available on the App Store that turns your iPhone into radar gun. Even though SpeedClock may be a useful tool, there could also be an accuracy issue in the app because of the estimation of distance the user must estimate. There is also possibly a greater accuracy issue for the iPhone 3GS becuase it doesnt have the gyroscope feature like the 4th Generation iDevices.

Despite SpeedClock’s accuracy issue, in time it is probably going to improve and expand on it’s goal. Here is the information from the developers of SpeedClock gave us from the press conference:

Employing the device’s three-axis gyro and basic trigonometry establishes distance. Speed and laps are measured using the motion sensing of the video camera, timing the interval between the object entering and leaving the frame. The app is compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4.

Speed Clock also has many other features including a speedometer, a timer, and a distance tool. The speedometer feature is basically meaasuring the speed of a moving object. It basically uses the camera to capture the speed of the moving object. Fortunately, this app comes with settings to set what speed to record it in and also the sensitivity according to your surroundings which improves the accuracy.

Another feature included in Speedclock is the timer. The timer also uses a motion sensor to detect when you start. This is extremely useful for anyone that takes track or any other activity that requires to job laps.

The last tool in SpeedClock is the distance tool. This helps the user know how much to stand back when using the speedometer feature. The app basically measures the iDevice’s angle it is held in and the view it is seeing. This helps to determine how much of the scene the iDevice is viewing and how far away. This can then be used with the speedometer feature.

In conclusion, this app is extremely useful. Even though there could be some accuracy distortion, this app is brilliant for a brand new release. For just $0.99, this is definitely worth the investment!

Download SpeedClock for iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes Link]

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